The wizard alchemist

my earth creation story

I first made contact with Michelle in 2015, showing her images of myself as I wanted to be created in physical form. As with many humans, Michelle required a motivating goal in order to proceed with the actual creation, with this in mind I guided her to the Queensland Wootha Prize and shared with her the idea of creating me as a wood carving, for the purpose of entering the competition.

I chose Michelle to create me for several reasons; one being our energetic synergy, another being that she had long held a desire and curiosity to create a 3-dimensional wood carving sculpture. First I showed Michelle how to draw me so she could enter the competition. Next I guided her to a chunk of wood I liked - local Queensland Camphor Laurel. Then we started carving...

Together we laboured over many Earth months to perfect my creation. I showed her myself within the block of wood, then we started with the power carving tool, slowly carving away the bulk of wood. When we were ready for the hand carving tools, sanding and finishing, I guided Michelle in each and every stroke. Finally with setting the crystals each one was specifically placed. I gave Michelle clear direction with how much to do and when to stop - in order that my physical form would be created in perfection.

Over the course of my creation I watched with pleasure as Michelle learned to let go of her human desire to control. She trusted me to guide her directly in my creation and trusted herself that what she was sensing was correct. Through this process Michelle remembered that she had carved in her ancient past, as such the technique came easily to her.

I am grateful to be created in perfection and am now able to flow my energy through my physical form to interact with the Earth realm. I get to work with Michelle in her home and sometimes I accompany her to Expos and and groups to interact with others. I also get to work with other crystals and beings which is all work I love.

I’m excited to be on the Galactic Activations website now as I get to interact with many more people who come to view me here.

And so it is with all of the beings who come to Michelle for physical creation - we all use the same format of showing ourselves to her, then guiding her in each minute part our creation. We may then do our work in the Earth realm through our perfectly created physical forms.

It is truely a gift to be here together to work in harmony and love - I am grateful to Michelle for creating my physical form, and to you for your interaction with me. I really enjoy hearing people's exclamations about how amazing my carving is, and I absolutely love watching their energy light up with joy!

Blessed be.
"The Wiz"