8 Dec 2015

Sometimes when self healing, we can run into what we perceive to be blocks. It can appear that we’ve gone backwards in our journey, or that we haven’t gone very far forward. At times judgement can raise its ugly head and we can dwell in the concept of not having done much work, for some time.


Energetically, all work on self is expansion. It is only ever Earthly, dense concepts and energies that contribute to our negative view of our progress.


When looking at a transformation from a purely energetic perspective, that is, through our hearts, we can clearly sense the often dramatic shift in consciousness. An old program no longer runs when the stimulus arises, a standard response or re-action no longer occurs. These are very clear pointers to the shift of energy.


When judgement is present it matters not whether the shift is a major transformation, or simply a minor adjustment. Judgement does not discern the magnitude of the shift.


Often we are so focussed on clearing whatever is in our field at present, or that which may come up shortly in the future, or that which has just arisen, that we don’t take the time to acknowledge the changes we have made. Reflecting on changes and transformations is a wonderful way to acknowledge the work you have been completing and just how much you’ve changed. If we don’t acknowledge our changes we can be left thinking we’ve done not much at all, and negative judgement can more easily take hold.


Sit or lay comfortably and quietly, relax your body through breath or connecting with nature, then call upon your spiritual guidance to assist you to review your progress, to review the internal work you’ve done. You may be surprised at what you become aware of!


When you perceive a shift or transformation occurring, honour yourself by acknowledging the change.


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