Earth Healing for Galactic Humans


Each crystal has been individually selected and all are high energy crystals, ready for high energy work.
They have all been physically and energetically cleaned, cleansed, charged and activated in an energetically nurturing environment.

While brief descriptions of energetic use have been suggested, crystals interact with each person's energy differently, therefore no guarantee can be given that the description given will be what occurs for you.

Actual colours may vary slightly from photo.

Amethyst Cluster - Natural - Uraguay


Amethyst Natural on Calcite with Lepidochrosite


Calcite Stalagmite


Carnelian Handpiece - 184 grams


Carnelian Handpiece - 252 grams


Chevron Amethyst Double Terminated Crystal


Chlorinated Phantom Quartz


Chlorinated Phantom Quartz - White


Citrine Cluster Natural Crystal - Namibia


Citrine With Phantoms - Natural Crystal - Namibia ...


Citrine Double Terminated


Citrine Double Terminated 2


Citrine Point and Wood Stand


Clear Quartz Point


Clear Quartz Point 2


Clear Quartz Point - Galaxy


Clear Quartz Raw - Spaceship - 1.75kg


Clear Quartz Wand


Green Amethyst - Prasiolite Cluster


Icecream Opal - Utah, USA


Kunzite Raw Crystal


Lapis Lazuli Tower


Moldau Quartz


Quartz Crystals and Chalcopyrite


Rhodonite Crystal Palm Stone - Madagascar


Rhodonite Crystal Sphere - Madagascar


Satya Mani Quartz


Selenite Sphere


Smokey Quartz Cluster - USA


Smokey Quartz Elestial with Lepidochrosite


Tibetan Black Quartz with Enhydro


Vera Cruz Amethyst Crystal Cluster


White Chalcedony Crystal


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