35. Smokey Quartz Elestial with Lepidochrosite

Lepidochrosite can be seen on the side of this baby. It also has a very small amount of Amethyst in a few locations.

All crystals have been physically and energetically cleaned, cleansed, charged and activated.

Approximate dimensions are 15.7cm x 12.5cm x 3.8cm.

Approximate weight is 867g.

  • Details

    Smokey Quartz is very useful for grounding etheric energies into Earth. The combination of clear and smokey quartz in this piece assist with the connection of earth and higher chakras within the energy body, and the clear flow of energy within.

    Lepidochrosite may assist with balancing the emotions and centering the being.

    The elestial configuration assists with accessing available technological, geometric, mathematical and scientific information, among other things.

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