A self evolution tool for those who are ready


Six Earth years in creation, hundreds of cycles of personal energetic activations and integration for deck creator Michelle Foyle, an amazingly focused group of Spirit, one physical creator…
and now, the Galactic Activations® Cards are available for you…


Are you ready?

Galactic Activations Cards Introduction

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The 35 energetic activation cards are an intelligently designed physical form of a combination of multiple Galactic light languages. They work through invitational energy, colour, tones and frequency, based on what is required by the reader in the present moment. They have been designed to be accessible by the many different groups of beings in the Earth realm.

  • Viewing and energetically reading the characters (e.g. scanning with a hand chakra) provides energetic and frequency activations.

  • Speaking the character’s light language name (phoenetically listed on each card) provides frequency and etheric coding activations.

  • The colours on each card provide additional activations.


Each Galactic writing character, associated information and colourful artworks have been channelled through Michelle Foyle, from a trusted source of higher intelligence, which exists in Spirit /energetic form beyond the Earth realm.


On the back each of the 35 cards, key information is written to assist you to open to the wealth of information accessible by each character.


Four double sided practical guide cards are included in each deck which include information about:

  • The card characters including character name pronunciation;

  • Activations;

  • Further accessing relevant information and energy; and

  • Readings for self and for others.


The cards may assist you, your Spiritual support team, and all beings around you with:

  • Accessing knowing (intuition, innate/universal knowledge, higher intelligence);

  • Awakening and releasing dormant and stagnant energies;

  • Expanding and lightening your being on Earth;

  • Energetic activations;

  • Healing;

  • Personal transformation;

  • Information and energetic downloads;

  • Spontaneous light language speech;

  • Interactions with non-human intelligence (guides, Spirit, higher intelligence etc.);

  • And much more…


The cards consistently ‘meet you where you are’ and continually assist you to expand your frequency range, energy and awareness.


They are especially useful to:

  • ‘Galactic Humans’ – those referred to as star/indigo/crystal children, hybrids etc.;

  • ‘Letter people’ – those labelled with ADD, ADHD, autism, dyslexia etc.;

  • Those who don’t function well in a ‘standard’ learning environment;

  • Those with experiences of extra-terrestrial or non-human beings.


This self evolution tool is available for use by those who are ready to expand their knowledge, heal, trust their intuition and empower themselves in their lives. Are you ready?


This deck has been nurtured and lovingly created in its physical form by Michelle and she is grateful to be able to offer it to you.


We welcome you to the space of Galactic Activations!


Card Size

Deck dimensions approximately 11.2cm x 7.9cm - smaller size for smaller hands - easy to shuffle and handle.

Pack dimensions approximately 12cm x 8.7cm x 1.2cm.

ECO Features


  • Intelligently designed to reduce total materials used.

  • Printed by a local Queensland printer using 100% solar power.

  • Printed on FSC mix card using vegetable inks - silky to the touch with no nasty chemical smell or feel, great for sensitive beings.

  • No lamination or plastic has been used in the deck creation.

  • Minimal packaging used by the printer and all packaging has been re-used.

  • All card offcuts are gradually being used.


The cards are delicate, please handle with clean, dry hands.


  • Boxes have been folded and decks packed by hand.

  • Each pack is 100% bio-degradable, including 100% bio-degradable sticky tape.

  • Each deck comes in a protective fabric bag (card cosy - randomly selected colour), made from upcycled fabrics.

  • For shipping, all decks will be packaged using re-used packing materials.

Due to the sensitive nature of the galactic writing characters and their energy, reproduction is not permitted nor advised at this timing.

All images and artworks on this website are copyrighted by the artist and may not be reproduced by any means, electronic or otherwise, without written permission.

Artworks are viewed and products are used at your own discretion.  The artist and Galactic Activations assume no responsibility for your actions or for what may occur for you upon your interaction with the products.

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