Eco focus

Living harmoniously in balance with nature
Reduce - Re-purpose - Reuse - Recycle

At Galactic Activations we consciously act to live harmoniously with the Earth environment. We live on Earth as guests, and share the Earth realm with many other beings - animals, Spirit, plants, people, non-human beings and others.

As the custodian of the Galactic Activations business, and a fellow being on Earth, Michelle Foyle is consciously focussed upon reducing the business’ and her personal impact on the Earth environment, while creating items which work to expand human awareness of the same.

Michelle and the Galactic Activations team work to empower people to create harmony with their environment, external and internal, through awakening their innate empathic nature. Empowering people to feel and sense their impact on the Earth - physically, emotionally, energetically - and that impact within themselves.

Here in the Galactic Activations space, creative ideas are continuously flowing, and new ways of packaging products, reducing and re-purposing ‘waste’ are always appearing.

Michelle is always open to new ideas to reduce waste and support natural generation of our environment. What has been created in the Galactic Activations physical space is harmonious and beautiful.

Fabric offcuts and ‘scraps’ that may otherwise end up in landfill are collected and used to create unique product packaging such as the Galactic Activations Cards cosy bags.

All received packaging materials are reused for Galactic Activations product postal packaging.

Personally, wherever possible Michelle buys food and supplements without packing or in bulk, and reuses everything she can, to reduce the load on recycling facilities and to reduce landfill. Aware purchasing includes reading product labels and choosing not to purchase products which use certain types of packaging. All consumed foods are organic, chemical free and as local as possible. Michelle also chooses natural, organic, chemical free cleaning and personal products.

Most business and personal tools and materials like kitchen scales, pliers, embroidery threads etc. are acquired through second-hand and surplus channels, sometimes patiently waiting for many months for specific items to become available.

100% of business and personal electricity use is carbon offset and we have a goal of using solar power for all power requirements. We reduce energy use wherever possible by working efficiently and in a focussed manner when using power; turning all power outlets off and unplugging equipment when not in use; and using hand tools and hand crafting techniques in favour of powered tools.

Michelle creates unique products from locally available materials. All wood used is from local naturally fallen trees, discarded offcuts, or re-purposed from reclaimed items.

Michelle uses every possible offcut and bit of consumables, then re-purposes or recycles the packaging, reducing waste as much as possible, sometimes storing items for months or years, until a creative solution for it’s use is revealed. Some items are also freely shared with others who have a use for them - like donating craft materials to a local alternative school.

There are many more ways in which the business and Michelle can have reduced impact on the Earth environment, and many more coming!

"The team at Galactic Activations and I are grateful for the land and nature which provide us with food, shelter, water and all we produce. We live harmoniously and in respect with animals, insects and all beings we share the land with.

We nurture, explore, share and heal. We keep our frequency authentic, share universal love energy openly, and invite others to the same." – Michelle Foyle