Galactic Activations

Galactic Activations exists to invite you to yourself. Authentic living is a key to experiencing love. Through energetic activations we can become aware of un-authentic behaviours (behaviours, thoughts and emotions which don’t feel healthfully aligned with our energy), when we are aware we can choose behaviours which are aligned with our energy, behaviours which make us feel good.

We invite you to the possibility that there is more to you than you could possibly imagine, and that you are beautiful!

We invite you to expand your thinking, expand your awareness, expand your compassion for self and more greatly activate your knowledge of the inter-connectedness of all of existence.

Through the Galactic Activations creations we offer you the possibility of sensing far beyond your perceived limitations of body, of life, of beliefs and the limitations offered by your five senses. Let it go and let life flow!

Each creation is as unique as you or I; a unique blend of energy in physical form. If you feel drawn to a particular creation it may be able to assist you in your life journey. By attuning to it’s energy you allow a unique energetic exchange between yourself and the creation, which will assist you to expand through your life journey.

Are you ready to expand your awareness that five senses, three dimensions and life on Earth is not all there is?


Galactic light languages are channelled verbally, energetically using frequencies, and through codes, some of which are written, such as the characters on the Galactic Activations Cards.

Each Galactic Light Language character within the Galactic Activtations Cards holds volumes of information that may or may not be relevant to the viewer at that timing. Only that which is relevant will be presented – that is part of their Galactic intelligence.

Each light language character is an access key. When you are attuned to it’s energetic frequency, you may access relevant information and energy. It’s like opening a doorway that leads to a room full of informational energy, through frequency alignment the relevant information is synergised with you and comes forth to meet you.

Such alignment is not a ‘doing’, but a ‘being’. It cannot be forced, nor can it be found from ‘seeking’. You are it. Only when we are ready can we receive that which is being offered… Are you ready?

Meet Michelle

Michelle uses her intuition and unique creative energy to create self empowerment and self evolution tools for those who are ready.

"Over many years, through the process of creating items, I have learned that creative energy flows easily when we make a conscious choice to relax the mind. From this space what is created is beyond anything we can imagine - it is higher intelligence in design and the beauty of the piece can shine through.

When creating I am able to sense the completed piece and work towards creating it precisely as it needs to be, so it can do the work it is here to do as a self-empowerment tool.

For me, this is a reflection of life and extends to all forms of creation in my life."

Through this amazing process Michelle also channels information, energy, frequencies and Galactic Light Language.

"I feel the items I create are all assisting those who interact with them with self empowerment and expanding awareness. In this way people can choose to change the way they interact with their environment, with plants, with animals, and with other beings, to create a healthful place to live.

Kindness, peace and universal love exist within me - my behaviours and interactions are shaped by the key energy of love. All of my creations contribute to sharing these energies with those who interact with them.

My team and I invite you to awaken your innate knowledge, change your life and change our world...

It is with gratitude that we introduce you to the wealth of information and energy known to us as Galactic Activations."

- Michelle Foyle, Galactic Activations Custodian