galactic writing

                                             Galactic writing is the term used for the characters depicted in the paintings.


This form of galactic writing and associated information is channelled with great care. It is not separate to any other information that has come to Earth via non-Earthly sources. It contributes to all other information already here, and contributes to information coming in our future.


It is information that contributes to expanding awareness and re-awakening knowledge of the inter-connectedness of all things.




The artworks can activate energies and stimulate change within certain beings. The energy of the painting interacts with the energy of the being, the two communicate, and if the being opens energetically to the information held by the galactic writing, change can occur.


Each galactic writing character holds volumes of information that may or may not be relevant to the viewer at that timing.


One person may view some galactic writing today and not receive or sense anything, they may view the same writing tomorrow and receive a wealth of information or sensations. Similarly each time a person views the same galactic writing, they may receive different information or sensations.


This is a reflection of our lives on Earth, as from one moment to another we are never the same, we are constantly moving upward on the spiral of creation. We may be closed to receiving information at one time, and open to it at a later time.


Each of us will receive information when the timing is correct for us.

galactic activations

                  Galactic Activations exists to expand awareness and re-awaken knowledge of the inter-connectedness of all things.

From all of the beings assisting with Galactic Activations...


We'd like to present you with the possibility that there is much more to living, to the Earth, to outer space, to dimensions, and who knows to what else, than you currently imagine.


Through the creations on this website we offer you the possibility of seeing far beyond your life, your job, your family, your possessions, your city, your country, your morals, your limitations, religions, money, governments, the Earth, the Universe, the Milky Way...


Are you ready to open to the possibility that five senses, three dimensions and life on Earth is not all there is?

                       Michelle uses her intuition (guidance) to create paintings, jewellery and

other unique items.




"When I started painting it become very clear to me when I was trying to paint using the mind to figure it out, it just didn’t work and I would become frustrated very quickly.


So now when I’m painting or creating something, I make a conscious effort to go into a space of relaxation of the mind. From this space the creativity flows without limitation and my creations are far greater than I could imagine them to be.


For me, this is a reflection of life and extends to all forms of creation in my life."


Through this amazing process Michelle has opened to channelling information and galactic writing characters. When working with gemstones she feels her interaction with the stones allows her to see how to put them together in the form of jewellery.



"One of my abilities is to store and share information. I enjoyed my role as a Document Controller at an Engineering Company for many years.


I've now opened to using this ability to assist our planet, Gaia, by contributing information that can assist to awaken others like me... Beings who will choose to change the way they interact with Gaia, with plants, with animals, and with other beings, to create a peacefilled place to live.


Kindness, peace, true contribution and universal love exist in my life, do you choose for them to exist in yours?


I invite you to awaken your innate knowledge, change your life and change our world...


It is with gratitude that I introduce you to the wealth of information known as Galactic Activations."


- Michelle Foyle, 2014

meet michelle

Due to the sensitive nature of the galactic writing characters and their energy, reproduction is not permitted nor advised at this timing.

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